Rules and Regulations

  • Every reader shall be required to show the identity card on demand and to enter his/her name in the gate register at the entrance of the library.
  • Conversation, making noise are strictly prohibited in and around the reading room and the stacks room. The Librarian may ask any person doing these things to go out of the library.
  • The Librarian shall have the power to cancel the membership/tickets and refuse admission to any one infringing the rules and regulation of the Library.
  • The following categories of members may use the Institute library.
    a) Registered members of the Library (Students and Staff)
    b) Persons doing research or working on a project under the guidance of any member of the teaching staff of the Institute.
  • NB: The loan period may be restricted to 7 days in case of particular types of books such as rare and valuable books and bound journals.
  • Loan Privileges and loan periods from the Institute Library are according to the category of student and staff.
  • Reference books such as Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias, Yearbooks, Almanacs, Handbooks, etc. and those marked 'Reserved' are not to be lent out.
  • Periodicals are not to be lent out, and newspapers are not to be removed from their respective places.
  • Reference books taken against identity cards for reading in the Library will be returned on the same day.
  • Books borrowed from the Library must not be lent to others.
  • The loss of library cards should be reported to the Librarian immediately. A fine of twenty rupees will be realized per card if the user loses the library card issued to them. If any book is found issued on the lost card, the user will pay double the price of the book.
  • The Librarian can call back books or other reading materials issued from the Library before the due date. The Librarian is authorized to issue a letter to any borrower if they fail to return books on due dates.
  • Books must be returned within the loan period specified in Clause 2. The loan privileges are liable to be suspended if the borrower repeatedly fails to return the books in time.
  • To re-issue any book, the borrower must bring the book to the Library. Re-issue of a book can be done only when there is no demand for it.
  • A book, which is on loan, can be reserved for a member by filling in the Reservation slip. The requisitioned book will be kept for them for three days. The reservation will be cancelled if it is not taken within three days.
  • No tracing or mechanical reproduction from a book of the Library shall be made without the permission of the Librarian in writing.
  • Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the book's physical condition before borrowing.
  • If any borrower keeps a library book in their possession for more than the time allowed, a fine will be charged at 1.00 Rupee per day per book. The holiday(s) intervening between the periods will not be counted.
  • In case of the loss of the book, the borrower may replace the book with a new copy within the due date of return without a fine. But if they do not replace the book, the cost of the book plus a 25% penalty will be recovered from them.
  • Readers are not allowed to bring their books, printed materials, or other personal belongings like bags, umbrellas, etc., inside the Library. These materials will be kept at the janitor's counter at their own risk.
  • All books and other materials issued from the Library should be checked at the counter before it is taken out of the Library.
  • Readers should not write in, mark, or otherwise disfigure/damage books, furniture, etc.
  • Readers should observe strict silence and switch off their mobile phones inside the Library.
  • If the user is found to possess a book from the Library without getting it issued, disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the Institute will be taken against them.
  • The clearance certificate will be issued to a member on return of the books/borrowers ticket loaned to them.